Today you need to fill that blank space with information that your readers and advertisers can glean knowledge, news and profits thanks to you. As a photographer and writer I would like a chance to contribute to your success. Photography has many uses. It can tell a story, promote a product or service, or portray one’s likeness. I would like to get to know you. I’m looking for a partner like you to network with. Tell me what you need by clicking on Contact: LONNIE PAULSON. Thank you.


I enjoy both digital and film photography. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom open up many creative possibilities in post-production. With digital photography I shoot RAW which gives me a 16-bit file for more creative latitude. With digital I can shoot in low light areas at higher speeds than with film. In low light areas I get very clean images with hardly any noise. With film some people like the differences in film types and the grain.

Minnesota Photography:

Do you need images of Minnesota? I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am building my stock photography library of various Minnesota scenes to be licensed for publication. Hopefully I can help you out when you need a particular image. Tell me what you need by clicking Contact: LONNIE PAULSON. Thank you.

Art Photography:

Do you collect art? I have always been interested in photography as an art form. Our canvas is the camera sensor or film; our brush is light. The camera’s shutter becomes a time-machine. We can freeze time or expand the time in one single exposure. Our lens aperture can control of what will be in focus and what will be out of focus. To see more of my art photography click below on the logo below.

Photography Prints Art Prints



My interest in writing started in the early 1990s. One day I enrolled in a writing course through the Christian Writers Guild. In the course I wrote both non-fiction and fiction. Writing opened up some opportunity for me in photography. In the 1990s I started PHOTO-ED which was an on-demand self-publishing business that specialized in photographic instruction. My most successful product was a photographic math booklet called Circles of Confusion which I marketed through press releases, direct mail, and ads. The business was only part-time but I sold over 200 copies of this very small niche publication.

Through my interest in writing I have started a Christian website ministering evidence of the Christian faith. I am still working on it. Take a look at it at

I have also published some small 500-word articles for a company newsletter on classical music and space exploration. For my interest in documentary photography I want to combine photography and the written text to offer as a complete editorial package on speculation. I will be offering publishers like you queries on subjects that draw my interest.