Photography has been my life. I was always curious about what went on inside the camera and in the darkroom. Photography was something mysterious—a little bit of magic plus a little bit of science. It was alchemy. I ventured forth to turn silver halide crystals into gold.


My passion turned a hobby into a profession. My formal photographic education was from Hawkeye Institute of Technology in Waterloo, Iowa. There I received my associate of applied arts degree in photography. I am an alumnus of the Winona School of Professional Photography. I have attended various photographic seminars, college art classes, a graduate of the Christian Writers Guild, and I have a sales & marketing certificate from the Minnesota School of Business. I have also assisted many professional photographers and worked in various labs and studios.


When I freelanced as a commercial photographer I was a distributor for Koppel Color and McGrew Color Graphics a manufacturer of postcards & brochures. I have published postcards and brochures for the hospitality trade and other businesses and also licensed Twin City scenic photography to postcard publishers. As a self-publisher I was owner of PHOTO-ED, an on-demand publisher of photographic booklets. These booklets sold to other photographers for photographic instruction.


Currently I am photographing the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area to license as stock photography and to sell as photographic art to hang on your walls. I am photographing other subjects to be used as photographic art and hope to present those images on a variety of products and I will make those images available for licensing too. As both a writer and photographer there are subjects I wish to document in photography along with written text.    

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